Including the movie ‘The City Police Companion’


Miles & Carlson from Blue Streak

The story of Miles, the diamond thief. Arrested for wrong plans Which after coming out of prison He was preparing to return to take. The hidden diamond But the building has become a police office , so he has to pretend to be Detective Sane and become Carson’s partner. 

Back and forth, it makes the police career Their counterfeit is better because According to experts in this illegal at Classic Blue Streak.

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Danny & Jack from Last Action Hero

Little Danny Action movie buffs have fallen into Jack Slater after receiving a special gold ticket from Uncle Nick. A cinema screen man, allowing him to meet Jack. And to work together to fight the villain, is an action comedy from  John McTiernan (Die Hard) that has Arnold Schwarzenegger shown.

National Security Review | Movie - Empire

Earl and Hank from National Security

An action comedy film about a police partner who doesn’t seem to get along. How much Willing to suppress our trade Anything related to the police Some people as well But above all Problems that are more serious than fraud. The police are incompatible with This has two partners. Movie HD

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